Monday, May 25, 2015

There Are Things Bigger Than Us

And no. I do not mean big bosses in the sky or scary demons creeping in our minds.

I mean simple things like the inflection of a word.
Dialect of thought.
And overall presentation of such things.
We take for granted that in which we've practiced so naturally.
So naturally that we also seem to think that others are obligated to be of our nature.

They are not.

My First Blog?


 I'm starting this as a kind of ...break?

No, I guess not a break, per se. But as an escape from the mundane and quite frankly useless life I've been leading up to now.
You see, I'm good at talking. And not just word vomit, either(though, I can agree with the majority that say I'm good at that, too). 

I'm good at truth, especially the truths most choose to be angry at. Truths that hurt. And truths that may not be as obvious as one thinks they should be.
I figured making an advice/musing blog might be a good way to vent those truths without stepping on any proverbial toes. And perhaps maybe help some others in the process? I'm hoping so. 

And I really don't see this blog going very far, but here's hoping it can do some good, somewhere.